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Sihan Ahcene Bendjazia

Denmark's undisputed best teacher of karate - For more than 35 years - Shihan Ahcene Bendjazia.

All of relevant - which today teaches Gensei Ryu Karate is taught by Sihan Ahcene.

Karate is good for concentration, attention and cooperation. We often see that children who start with us getting much better at school. Precisely because there is a good part exercises that sharpen the mind and strengthens the body. It is hard work to become good at karate - no matter what age you are.
One thing is certain physical, mental and spiritual challenge is something for everybody

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Virum Karateklup

Virum Karateklub

Cheftræner Shihan Ahcene Bendjazia - Sensei Alfredo Nicosia - Læs mere KLIK
Gensei Ryu Karate Østerbro

Østerbro Karate Klub

Cheftræner Sensei Boris Zeichner - Læs mere KLIK
Gensei Ryu Karate Østerbro

Lyngby Karate Klub

Cheftræner Shihan Ahcene Bendjazia - Sensei Alfredo Nicosia - Læs mere KLIK
Sihan Ahcene Bendjazia - Genseiryu Karate do Shihan Ahcene 7. Dan - Sensei Boris 4. Dan og Sensei Alfredo 3. Dan Graduering af Sensei Boris 4. Dan og Sensei Alfredo 3. Dan

Genseiryu in Denmark:

Gensei ryu style came to Denmark in 1967 with the Japanese instructor, Soke Tonegawa Sensei Yukio who successfully established style. Sensei Tonegawas firebrand budo is no doubt that his continuous acquisition of new knowledge and skills and his dedication as a student and teacher is only to admire.

Shihan Ahcene Bendjazia are trained directly by Sensei Tonegawa Yukio and began to teach the Tonegawa in 1973. In the year 1974 took over and continued Shihan Ahcene Bendjazia karate classes in Budokan, since Tonogawa Sensei returned to Japan.

Since then, many students trained under Shihan Ahcene and virtually all karate practitioners of Gensei Ryu style in Denmark, received his training directly under Shihan Ahcene. In any case, most Gensei Ryu practitioners in Denmark today, either received all their basic training or black belt. Many of these students have today their own schools, among them is Jackie Moos, Jimmy, John, Henry, Alfredo, Boris mf.

Regrettably, during the past year occurred a split within Gensei Ryu, who instead of following the spirit of Budo, assemble and develop the style, unfortunately, is to split it up. Shihan Ahcene Bendjazia still continues its development, training and instruction in the proper spirit of Bushido. Mutual respect, sincerity and loyalty to his students and Style. One is tempted to remember the good old days, and honor the knowledge rich warrior decent way of life.

Shihan Ahcene Bendjazia has since appeared as a technical consultant for, among other book on Karate by Bent Jakobsen (1981). (The book can be borrowed at libraries), also has he helped his former students with the start of training venues.

Shihan Ahcene Bendjazia is 6 Dan and is the highest graded at the Style in Europe

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Gensei Ryu Karate
Karate indeholder mange teknikker, som Ahcene har undervist i siden 70'erne. Mange af hans elever har i dag skoler rundt omkring i Danmark, alle med det tilfælles, at Ahcene var deres mentor og træner.

Genseiryu Karate Do

Gen means universe. Sei means control. Ryu means method.

The above is meant as a way to gain control of himself in relation to its surroundings.

Genseiryu style comes from the island of Okinawa in the Pacific. Shihan Seiken Shukumine, pupil of Okinawate Master Kishimoto, created Genseiryu style in the years following the second World War II.

In karate, as well as basketball, soccer and dance, there exists
a number of rules of conduct and etiquette.

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